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Who are we?

Studio 3 is an in-school design agency at the Graphic Design Department of Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo (Norway). Studio 3 was established in 2002 and exists of a handpicked selection of 15 truly dedicated 3rd year's graphic design students.

What's our vision?

To be a fresh wind and (in particular) a hot breath in the neck of the establishment.

How do we work?

We don't work with unnecessary complicated models and methods, but by asking ourselves relevant-but-triggering questions about the problem. We solve problems creatively, by reading problems creatively. We solve problems together with the client, not on our own behind closed doors. All finished products that leave our studio are supposed to be based on strong, surprising and fresh ideas and embrace form as much much as content.

What do we cost?

We choose challenging assignments that give us an opportunity to develop ourselves creatively. We prefer educational profit before economical profit and charge therefore a most reasonable fee.

Who did we work with/for so far?

Aarsland Kontorinnredning, Aftenposten, Anthon B. Nilssen, The Arctic Challenge, Arctic Paper, Arkitekst, Barn i Huset, Be Creative, Bik Bok, Både Og, Coca-Cola, Data Respons, Diabetic Skateboards/Slipstream, Far Coast, Fredrikstad Barne- og Ungdomsteater, Gjøco, Gule Sider, Gullblyantspisseren, Gullkalven, Kjelsås Idrettslag, Klar Bemanning, Komikere for Pakistan, Kondomeriet, Kreativt Forum, KRFU, La Familia, LAR-Nett Norge, Makeup Artist Skolen (sic), Mamma Mia, Mentorum, Miljøagentene, Msn Oslo Music Week, Multifeeder AS, Munchmuseet, Norges Fotballforbund, Norsk Filmforbund, NSRR, Oakley, OptimalPrint, Oslo Jazzfestival, Oslo Miljøfestival, Posten, Risvollen, Sigmund Espeland AS, Spit Air, Steninge Slott, Universitetsforlaget, Tine, Utenriksdepartementet, Westerdals Kompetanse and Westerdals School of Communication. Maybe you're next on our list?

Why do we tell you all this?

In case you would like to work with us, or in case you know a person (or people) that should.